The Rise of Innovation: Nairobi Innovation Tech Week in Collaboration with Africa’s Talking

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NLS Tech: Paving the way for Mobile Banking Excellence with Tera Mobile Solutions

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iShamba: Providing an Agricultural Lifeline for farmers using SMS and Voice

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Rwanda Community Up and Running!

We are proud to announce that the AT Rwanda Community is officially up and running! We have a growing list of members, and our goal is to be the largest community of Rwandan Devs

Zenka: Revolutionizing Mobile Lending in Kenya.

Financial stability is important for everyone, and loans have become a popular way to manage financial hiccups. However, traditional loan applications can be a tiring and time-consuming process, which is why loan apps have

PesaWay: Seamless Airtime Solutions Powered by Africa’s Talking

PesaWay’s airtime solution is revolutionizing airtime disbursement in Africa, making it more accessible and convenient, especially for businesses. The airtime solution uses the Airtime API integration with Africa’s Talking to disburse airtime to all

AT WIT July Hackathon — Data Protection and Privacy

The Africa’s Talking Women in Tech July Hackathon, themed Data Protection and Privacy was one for the books. Ladies from various fields: developers, data scientists, law and beginners alike all showed up to take

How To: Send Data and Receive Reports using Africa’s Talking APIs

Africa’s Talking APIs help you facilitate communication in the form of messaging, USSDs, airtime and voice. The SMS and Airtime products enable setting callback URLs to monitor transactions. Transactions are sent via requests using

A Recap of Our Developers’ Mid-Year Networking Party

The AT Developer Community is a space where developers not only network but also collaborate to build solutions that solve Africa’s problems. That’s why this year, we decided to bring together devs from our

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