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Transforming Bitcoin Transactions in Africa with Africa’s Talking USSD

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Teke Teke Checkout | Seamless Shopping Reimagined

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Njuka: Zambia’s Favorite Card Game Powered By Africa’s Talking

In the heart of Zambia, where the rhythmic shuffle of cards echoes through local communities, Njuka has emerged as not just a card game but a cultural phenomenon. As Njuka enthusiasts gather for fun

Empowering Africa’s Tech Ecosystem | Reminiscing the AT Summit

The inaugural AT Summit was a remarkable journey that immersed everyone in the dynamic world of technology, innovation, and networking. It truly felt like winning a lottery to be a part of the event,

Presta | Reshaping the African Fintech Landscape Using Effective Communication and Engagement

Presta, a Kenyan Fintech trailblazer, is reshaping the African financial landscape with its comprehensive loan management solutions that are accessible anytime, anywhere. By adding Africa’s Talking APIs, Presta has taken their customers’ communication and

How Government Connect Leverages Africa’s Talking APIs for Enhanced Service Delivery

In today’s digital era, government institutions worldwide are embracing technological advancements to enhance service delivery and improve citizen engagement. They are leveraging these tools to create efficient and effective communication channels. Government Connect is

Empowering Community Engagement: How Ushahidi Harnesses the Potential of Africa’s Talking API

Over the last 16 years, Ushahidi has emerged as a critical player in community-driven development, leveraging technology to amplify the voices of communities worldwide. With a focus on empowering citizen participation in good governance,

OkoaSem: Empowering Students with Innovative Solutions through Africa’s Talking

Meet Diana Mwithalii, the visionary mind behind OkoaSem, a revolutionary solution designed to empower students in their academic journey. OkoaSem debuted at Africa’s Talking’s EdTech Hackathon and it utilizes SMS APIs to provide students

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