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AT Women in Tech | Anti-FGM Solutions Hackathon-turned-Discussion

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8 Ways to Leverage SMS APIs for Your Agricultural Business

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Our First WIT International Women’s Day Event: #EmbraceEquity

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Africa’s Talking Women in Tech: Human-Centred Design Event

They say that an unprepared woman is a woman prepared to fail. What better way to prepare yourself than by being part of a community that builds and empowers other ladies by sharing, growing

Fireside Chat Nairobi: The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Talent Communities in Kenya

Wait, am I brave enough? What is bravery to me?

DoctorsLive App or Mathari Hospital? :)

The World Health Organization’s 2017 report on the global mental health situation ranked Kenya fifth among African countries with the highest number of depression cases. The Kenya Mental Health Policy 2015–2030 by the Ministry

Mlimi Digital Wallet: Building Wealth for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi

There is a persistent myth that most African farmers have only the most rudimentary tools and wouldn’t be able to benefit from advances in digital technology. In truth, large majorities of people across rural

Building an Event Registration USSD with Africa’s Talking, NodeJS, Mongo and Docker

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to build a simple event registration service on Africa’s Talking with Node. Traditionally, USSDs have been a challenging endeavour. Initially simple to build but gets complicated when you

KOKO: Building Healthier Communities Using Clean Energy Technology

According to The Lancet Planetary Health report released in 2021, Air Pollution and Development in Africa:

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