About the Internship Program

We have worked hard to design a diverse, super fun and invigorating program. Our three month program will give you the opportunity to work with a great team that spans across 9 African countries and have the freedom to find your own path as you experiment with different kinds of projects.

Major Dates

Internship Opportunities

Technical Internships

Software Development: Have the opportunity to work with our product developer teams; data, UI/UX, backend engineering and the infrastructure team.

Product Ninjas: Work closely with the product engineers to implement new features and provide hands on support to our clients.


Non-Technical Internships

Business Development: Use your creativity and business sense to help the team identify and approach and seal businesses that would benefit from our services.

Client Success: Get an overall perspective of how the company provides more value to the clients that it serves.


The Process

We’re glad you’re here and are ready to join us. We have tried to make the experience as seamless as possible. Our main aim is to get to know you through this process, so this is how it will go:


Take some time to answer a couple of questions to get us to understand how you would fit into our organization

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The Challenge

We have designed a simple challenge to gauge your proficiency and allow us to understand what projects would be a great fit for you to spark your growth

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People and Culture

An informal face to face interview to give us an opportunity to get to know you better and know how we could help you achieve your goals while you are with us

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