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Build and maintain connections with your customers at scale

The Coronavirus COVID-19 strain has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. As a result, most businesses are implored to have their teams work from home and put in structures and frameworks that make a synergetic effort to reduce the spread of the headline-cresting strand of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. To ensure your business continuity, our platform will enable you to seamlessly scale your solutions and build superior customer engagement experiences and build high impact mobile engagement solutions.

Enhance Customer Engagement With Our Communications & Payments APIs

Connect with your customers across the globe using our communications and payments APIs to build superior customer engagement experiences that support a viable, entrepreneurial ecosystem for Africa. Seamlessly streamline your work processes and communications pipelines using our SMS, USSD, Voice, Airtime and Payments solutions.

TeleHealth USSD South Africa

Enhance Customer Engagement With Our Communications & Payments APIs

CA web and SMS-enabled patient engagement platform that offers virtual care by connecting patients to care through their mobile device and enhances clinical workflow via promoting patient/self-management. In conjunction with Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), WelTel executed a world-leading response to the COVID-19 pandemic through expedient adoption and deployment of their case-contact monitoring and support solution coupled with advanced screening and testing.

TeleHealth Virtual Care SMS Rwanda

Enhance Customer Engagement With Our Communications APIs

Automating customer engagement with Mteja's call campaign bulk solution which enables businesses/individuals to call multiple numbers and deliver personalised voice messages (customer surveys, debt collection reminders, emergency notifications) and/or track user responses at scale.

Awareness Call Campaigns Bulk Calls Kenya

Work From Anywhere Using Our Easy-to-Use & Plug and Play Solutions



With a plug and play communications platform for messaging, call center and airtime, Mteja makes it effortless for businesses of any size to have conversations with their clients

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Easily reach out to a large group of people in your contact list with a single call blast to your clients and play a pre-recorded message for marketing, promotional campaigns and customer notifications.

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Stay connected at the time that matters the most

Coordinate your workforce and streamline your departmental processes by offering unparalleled client service to your valuable customer base. Leverage on our platform and embed all your communication into an omnichannel to create and maintain relevant and timely conversations with your valued customers.

Sales & Marketing

Raise awareness of your products or services and drive your customer acquisition process a lot more effectively by providing unique and personalised experiences from onboarding all through checkout. Create conversations and measure the success of the impact through Bulk SMS, USSD, Voice, Interactive Messaging as well as the seamless incorporation of mobile money checkout upon purchase of your goods or services."


Streamline your work processes & coordinate your workforce by integrating our messaging solution to solve your departmental problems through delivering critical notifications, data collection and tracking the delivery of assets.

Customer Service

Create secure conversations and personalised customer experience with our platform to increase your sales and acquisition rates. Scale your solution, reassure your customers by leveraging our SMS to send branded messages, USSD to register customers and Voice to improve your business response to customer needs.

Developer Resources Enabling You Build Impactful & Scalable Solutions

Software Developers have been busy mobilising around the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to create new ways of dealing with the crisis using technology. Using our platform, we want to give you the opportunity to join and intensify efforts and instil a sense of urgency, engagement and accountability within your communities using innovation to help in the response efforts of the crisis by building tailored and targeted solutions with the necessary infrastructure and real-time data aggregation using our SMS, USSD, Voice, Airtime and Payments APIs to raise critical awareness.

Build a Call Centre

Rethink the call centre by learning how to use a cloud-based service that costs less and leverages localised servers to deliver on-time support for your customers.

COVID-19 Chatbot

Learn how to deliver interactive information with two-way SMS in this COVID-19 chatbot tutorial.

Bulk SMS Dashboard

Simply create a portal that reaches multiple users with one message and one API call.

Let us help you stay connected with your customers when it counts!

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