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1. Delays & Service Interruptions

We will use all commercially practicable endeavours to minimize delays or outages in the provision of the Services. We will inform you of any downtime on the API Platform as soon as possible and in any event within twenty-four (24) hours of such downtime. AT shall credit the User Account with an amount equivalent to the cost of a particular service not delivered by AT to the Network Provider’s system provided that such failure is caused by a downtime on the API Platform.

AT shall not provide any repayment for delays or failures in relation to the Service where such failure or delay is a result of factors beyond AT’s control (including but not limited to Force Majeure Events or factors caused by the Network Providers).

The following levels of service shall govern the response by AT to ensure your operations are not adversely affected:

Priority     Measurement/Timeline     Example
Level 1- Business CriticalResponse within 5-15 minutes to acknowledge report from Client. 
Allowable deviation to resolve - 48 hours during working hours
Covers complete business failure for Services in production which requires AT to immediately notify you of the failure.
Level 2 - Degraded ServiceResponse within 15-30 minutes to acknowledge report from Client 
Allowable deviation to resolve – 7 Business Days
Required assistance here would for instance entail remote diagnosis and, where possible, correction of faults, more specifically to correct all errors, bugs or failure of AT’s API Platform.
Level 3 - GeneralResponse within 15-30 minutes to acknowledge report from Client. 
Allowable deviation to resolve – 1-12 hours during working hours
These are mostly issues you would encounter in connection with the API Platform and/or enquiries related to the Services provided. E.g. product questions, feature requests and development issues.

2. Maintenance

We will inform you of all scheduled maintenance and we will endeavor to carry out our maintenance activities at times where the minimum effect will be felt by you. We will provide you with at least five (5) days’ notice for scheduled maintenance. In case of emergency maintenance, we will provide you with reasonable reason for the same.
3. Customer Support

AT shall provide you with customer support for the duration of this Agreement. Please contact us at [email protected] for the purpose of customer engagement and account management.

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