A quick, painless, scalable API for distributing virtual Airtime across mobile service providers in Africa.

Painless Integration

We have distilled sending airtime down to making a HTTP POST call to our APIs. No setup is necessary and you can literally top up your phone in minutes.

Real-time Analytics

We have built robust analytics into all our airtime APIs to help you monitor the progress, delivery rates and cost of your airtime requests in real time.

High Capacity

Our airtime gateway is built to handle thousands of concurrent requests at any one time using the latest in asynchronous web technologies.

Robust Dashboards

We provide web-based dashboards with logs of all your transactions. All logs are indexed for quick retrieval, which should help you build, support and monitor your airtime applications.

Delivery Notifications

We receive and process delivery notifications for all Airtime requests sent using our APIs. We also notify your applications instantly when there is a delivery status update for your request.

Heavy Discounts

Every Airtime transaction will attract a discount (based on the destination). Please see our pricing page for more details. This means you can resell airtime at cost and monetize all your API calls!

Use Cases

Pre-paid Airtime is a recurring expenditure for majority of mobile phone users in Africa. This makes it a unique and powerful tool for driving a variety of applications.

Payment Solutions

Virtual airtime is one of the most efficient channels for making micro-payments to a large group or recipients

All you need for this solution to work is the recipient's phone number. And you earn discounts doing it!


Airtime rewards can be a great incentive for any mobile subscriber to take part in an activity

Use it to drive up survey response rates, run mass-market advertising campaigns, promote content etc.


Our APIs make it very easy to build and scale businesses that distribute airtime to the masses.

Our pricing structure is also geared towards resellers, with discounts earned for all airtime distributed.