Premium SMS Overview

Monetize the information and entertainment that you provide to your clients via Mobile Originating (MO) or Message Terminating (MT) message billing.

To use our premium services, you will need a Short code and a keyword

There are two ways for users to receive content and two ways for them to be billed.

  • For receiving, you can set up a service that is subscription based or on demand based. Subscription based services deliver content to a handset as long as the handset remains a subscriber to the service. That means the user joins the service with an expectation to regularly receive content.
  • In the on demand service, users request for a particular content once, after which their other interaction will depend on whether they request again. There is no ongoing relationship with the content provider.

For billing, users are either charged:

  • When they send in an SMS - Mobile Originating Tariff or
  • When they receive content to their handsets Mobile Terminating Tariff.

Premium SMS can be used to provide news alerts, quotes, religious texts, business and stock tips, love and relationship messages and also as a music delivery channel through sharing of music download URLs.

Premium SMSes attract a revenue share model between the telco, the government and Africa's Talking.