Short codes overview

  • A short code is a five digit number (such as 20880), which can be used to both send and receive messages from users in lieue of long-form numbers.
  • It is usually an easy to remember number allowing two way communication between companies and their clients.
  • Short Codes are available either in Standard Rates or Premium Rates
  • Standard Rated short codes behave just like long form numbers. Sending a message using them incurs the same network charges as a long form number, while receiving SMSes through them is free to both the sender and receiver.
  • Premium Rated short codes allow you to generate revenue either from SMSes sent to your number (MO-Mobile Originating), or by charging users for sending SMSes to their phone numbers (MT-Mobile Terminating). The revenue is calculated on the basis of the cost to the user.
  • The revenue share is calculated on the basis of the cost to the user. This allows you to receive payments or contributions over SMS.

    NB There are two types of short codes dedicated and shared short codes. Dedicated solely belongs to you while shared is used by multiple users via a keyword.

Benefits of hosting your short code on our platform

Once you buy a short code from us, you will be able to:
  • Use it as the sender id for you SMS message requests.
  • See messages sent to that short code in your inbox. You can also forward that traffic to your application using a callback URL or fetch the messages received using our GET API.
  • For premium rated Mobile Terminated short codes (the receiver bears the cost of the SMS), you will be able to choose whether to bill your recipients when sending the message
  • For premium rates Mobile Terminated short codes, we will also provide you with delivery report information which will inform you when your messages are not delivered due to lack of credits on the user's phone
  • Enjoy our competitive revenue share rates for premium short codes