Bulk SMS

Integrate your application with our Bulk SMS gateways to reach your clients instantly

Our direct carrier connections ensure high, timely delivery rates and superior uptime

Receive instant delivery notifications to your application when messages reach their target

Use our Bulk SMS dashboards and real-time analytics to monitor your traffic... Read More

Short Codes

Add two-way interactive services with our short codes option for receiving messages

Take advantage of flexible billing options to build toll free or premium rated services... Read More

Premium SMS

Monetize your content, games and mobile applications using Premium SMS

Monetize subscription and on-demand services with our Airtime-based billing options

Take advantage of free retries on failed messages to maximize your revenues

Take advantage of our robust, congestion free gateways to scale your subscriber base...Read More

Sender Ids

Enhance brand recognition when sending messages by using custom sender Ids

Enjoy all our Bulk SMS features when using this option... Read More


A world class API that handles all your SMS communication needs, so you can focus on your business

Delivery Notifications

We receive and process delivery notifications from carriers for all SMS messages sent using our APIs. We also notify your applications instantly when there is a delivery status update for your request.

Real-time Analytics

We have built robust analytics into all our SMS solutions to help you monitor the progress, delivery rates and cost of your messaging requests in real time.

Message Queuing

Our SMS gateway is build to handle thousands of concurrent messaging requests at any one time using the latest in asynchronous web technologies.

Notification Retries

We retry failed notifications to your application (delivery reports, incoming SMS messages, subscription notification) over a duration of 6 hours. This ensures that you will almost never miss any notifications from us.

Painless Integration

We work hard to lower all the barriers and ease your integration. This means no upfront costs, no paper work and no minimum amount required to start sending messages.

Scalable Pricing

Our APIs have no minimum requirements to get started. All our premium services (such as short codes) come with a shared option that helps you scale usage with your business.

Use Cases

There is no end to what you can do with our APIs and we cannot wait to see what you build!

Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events are generated.

Sample scenarios include financial transactions, collections or even school AGM meetings

Two Factor Authentication

The phone number has incredible reach and is growing in importance as a useful tool for verifying user identity.

You can therefore enhance security in your applications by sending SMS-based authentication tokens.

Content Management

The most scalable and accessible way of billing for content in Africa is through premium SMS.

Easily organize and monetize your content using our Premium SMS APIs. No congestion and free retries.

Reseller Platforms

Our APIs make it very easy to build and scale businesses that take SMS communication to the masses.

You can target specific communities (schools, churches, government, NGOs etc) and get paid doing it.

Mobile App Monetization

Take advantage of short codes and premium SMS to monetize your mobile applications.

Talk to us on your specific use-case so that we can tailor a solution that meets your needs.

IoT Applications

Adding communication to any device using a SIM card and a shared short code. No internet connectivity required.

Build IoT applications that run on remote devices for energy, monitoring, security, mapping etc