Interactive Voice applications can revolutionize how you render services to your clients

Our robust, fully featured, web-based APIs are just what you need to make this happen.

Automated Call Initiation

Call multiple phone numbers concurrently with a simple call to our APIs

Dynamically determine what happens when clients answer with flexible XML Dialplans

Collect Information

Collect recorded call information using our robust Record Action.

Collect digits entered by users during a call to dynamically determine the flow of the call.

Say and Play

Automatically read text information to callers using out free Text To Speech engine

Play back recorded audio files during a call. The files can be located anywhere on the web.

Flexible Billing

We provide Toll Free numbers to help you provide superior customer service at no cost.

Use our Premium Rated numbers to build and monetize premium voice services and content.

Call Forwarding

Dynamically forward calls to agents with phone numbers or at SIP/WebRTC endpoints

Ring multiple endpoints concurrently add failover/redundancy and manage call costs

Call Queues

Dynamically enqueue and dequeue callers to increase your call handling capacity.

Build call center functionality using call queues with call forwarding.

Call Conferencing

Dynamically create and manage conference calls in the cloud

Integrate with your internal database to moderate conference call participation

VOIP Capabilities

Use our SIP endpoints to receive calls over IP and lower costs significantly

Make and receive calls on your browser using our WebRTC Client APIs

The Africa's Talking Advantage

We are dedicated to providing a simple, scalable solution that will help you make the most out of your voice applications

Fully Featured API

We have worked hard to design APIs that give you the full range of features that you need to build even the most complex voice applications. See a feature lacking? Let us know and we will roll our sleeves.

Extensive Tutorials

What a better feeling than to grab a code snippet and have your phone ring? Explore our extensive documentation and tutorials, the only materials you need to build and maintain any voice application.

No Equipment Needed

We specifically designed our APIs with the web developer in mind. No hardware required for that next generation call center application, just access to a web server and an Africa's Talking account.

Real-time Analytics

We have built robust analytics into all our voice solutions to help you monitor the progress, status and cost of your phone calls in real time. These are accessible, free of charge, on your voice dashboard.

Robust Dashboards

We provide free, web-based dashboards with logs of all your call sessions. All logs are indexed for quick retrieval, which should help you build, support and monitor your applications.

Superior Support

We pride ourselves as a technology company in the customer service industry. With live-chat, office hours, proprietary technology and strong telco relations, our turnaround time is unmatched.

Use Cases

Voice brings an intimacy, interactivity and urgency that makes it best suited for a whole range of applications.

Customer Support

Build IVR functionality into your customer support workflow to improve the support experience for your clients

Add dynamic queuing, recording and routing capabilities to differentiate how your business responds to client needs.

Two-Factor Authentication

The phone number has incredible reach and is growing in importance as a useful tool for verifying user identity.

You can greatly enhance security in your applications by calling your users directly with authentication tokens.

Premium Services

You can now build and monetize premium services that run on voice using our Premium Rated numbers.

Create interactive dating services or market your audio content by taking advantage of the personal nature of voice.

Query Services

Give anyone with a feature phone access to structured information from your application with voice-based menus.

The interactive nature means you can layer PIN-based authentication and leading questions to deliver the right content.

Reseller Platforms

Our APIs make it very easy to build and scale businesses that take Voice communication to the masses.

You can target specific communities (schools, churches, government, NGOs etc) and get paid doing it.

Data Collection

Use our robust Record and GetDigits actions to quickly collect information from any mobile phone user.

Use Play action to record multi-lingual prompts and enhance the effectiveness of your data collection