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Whether you are looking to send notifications to your users or open an interactive session with them, our SMS API products give you the flexibility that you need to employ the right solution.



Use cases


Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events are generated. Sample scenarios include financial transactions, reminders or sharing updates with your users.


Two factor authentication

Secure your mobile and web applications by sending SMS based authentication tokens. This has proved to be a useful and vital tool for verifying users of your service.

Customer Support

Collect Feedback

An effective way to conduct surveys is by using SMS. Send questions to your users and give them the platform to answer back and provide valuable feedback or information that you can use to make informed decisions.



Delivery Reports

We process and share delivery notifications that we receive from carriers to your applications for all SMS messages sent using our APIs.


Message Queuing

Our gateways are able to handle thousands of concurrent message requests at any one time ensuring reliable delivery.


Real time Analytics

Using our dashboard, you can monitor SMS activity, delivery rates and troubleshoot any anomalies.

All you need to build - SMS

# import package import africastalking
#initialize SDK username = "YOUR_USERNAME"
# Initialize a service e.g. SMS sms = africastalking.SMS
# Use the service synchronously response = sms.send("Hello There!", ["+2547XXXXXXXX"])

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We have provided extensive resources to help you quickly build, integrate and test your applications.


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