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Product Overview


Depending on the needs of the call, you will have the option of muting a member so they are silent for all members in the call. You can also mute a person so that they are silent to select participants

Call Recording

You can choose to record a call, which will be saved in .mp3 format and accessible after the meeting ends. This works well for use cases such as quality control and training purposes

Waiting Music

The first person to join the call can have background music playing as they wait for other participants to join the call. The music stops as soon as the 2nd member joins

Local Numbers

Get local numbers depending on the location of your call participants. Local numbers with local charges in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa

Large Capacity

Offering a large capacity of up to 30 members on one call. This is sufficient for most meetings and trainings that can be offered on a call



This is a great way to bring your meetings offline! At times, the participants of a meeting might not have access to the internet or an internet-enabled phone. This allows them to join meetings from wherever they are!

Call-center coaching

People call into call centers because they expect a prompt response. Once in a while, a query will come in that the agent on the call can’t answer. A supervisor can use call conferencing to call in and direct the agent until they answer the client sufficiently


Call conferencing presents a great opportunity for trainings and classes as the participants don’t need to have high end phones or a laptop to join. This increases the reach and makes resources accessible to most individuals.



Phone Numbers

Type Deposit Set Up Monthly Maintenance
Regular (Safaricom and Airtel) 0 KES 5,000 + 16% VAT KES 2,000 + 16% VAT
Toll Free (800 series) (Safaricom only) KES 50,000 KES 20,000 + 16% VAT KES 15,000 + 16% VAT
Premium Rated (Safaricom only) 0 KES 20,000 + 16% VAT KES 15,000 + 16% VAT

Local Charges

Type Cost per minute
Regular Incoming KES 0.00
Regular Outgoing KES 2.50
SIP Incoming KES 0.25
SIP Outgoing KES 0.25
SIP Trunk KES 0.50
Toll Free Incoming KES 2.50
Google TTS Standard KES 0.0005
Google TTS Wavenet KES 0.002
Call Conference KES 0.50

International Charges

Cost per minute
-- Please select a country from the list --

Phone Numbers

Type Set Up Monthly Maintenance
Regular UGX 200,000 UGX 40,000
Toll Free (800 series) UGX 200,000 UGX 40,000

Local Charges

Type Cost per minute
Regular Incoming UGX 45
Regular Outgoing UGX 290
SIP Incoming UGX 35
SIP Outgoing UGX 35
SIP Trunk UGX 45
Google TTS Standard UGX 0.020
Google TTS Wavenet UGX 0.066
Call Conference UGX 10
Toll Free Incoming from MTN UGX 180
Toll Free Incoming from other networks UGX 270

Phone Numbers

Type Set Up Monthly Maintenance
Regular Free NGN 5,000 + 7.5% VAT

Local Charges

Type Cost per minute
Regular Incoming NGN 3.00
Regular Outgoing NGN 15.00
SIP Incoming NGN 3.00
SIP Outgoing NGN 3.00
SIP Trunk NGN 3.00
Google TTS Standard NGN 0.002
Google TTS Wavenet NGN 0.008
Call Conference NGN 1.00

International Charges

Type Cost per minute
Regular Outgoing To:
USA, China, India, Thailand, Greece, Poland, UK
NGN 15.00
Regular Outgoing To:
Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand
NGN 22.00
Regular Outgoing To:
NGN 30.00
Regular Outgoing To:
NGN 50.00
Regular Outgoing To:
NGN 65.00
SIP Outgoing NGN 3.00
Regular Incoming NGN 3.00
SIP Incoming NGN 3.00

Phone Numbers

Type Set Up Fees Monthly Fees Per Minute Cost
Regular FCFA (XOF) 750,000 (One Off) FCFA (XOF) 78,000 FCFA (XOF) 70

Local Charges

Type Cost per minute
Regular Incoming FCFA (XOF) 0.00
Regular Outgoing FCFA (XOF) 70.00
SIP Incoming FCFA (XOF) 1.25
SIP Outgoing FCFA (XOF) 1.25
SIP Trunk FCFA (XOF) 2.50
Google TTS Standard FCFA (XOF) 0.003
Google TTS Wavenet FCFA (XOF) 0.01
Call Conference FCFA (XOF) 2.50

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