Product Overview

We offer mobile data distribution services instantly to mobile subscribers with instant notifications on delivery or failure. Using our Mobile Data API attracts discounts on every transaction saving money for you.

Delivery Notifications

We receive and share success or failure notifications for all Mobile Data requests processed to your application

High Capacity

Our Mobile Data gateway is built to handle thousands of concurrent requests at any one time

Earn Discounts

Every Mobile Data transaction attracts a discount that you can use to monetize your API calls

Use cases

Micro-payment solutions

Virtual Mobile Data is one of the most efficient channels for making micro payments to a large group of people in emerging markets. Our platform makes it easy to build a solution like this and earn discounts when doing it.

Incentivising Users

Mobile Data rewards can be a great incentive for a mobile subscriber to take part in an activity. Use it to drive up survey response rates, run mass-market advertising campaigns or promote content.


Our APIs make it easy to build and scale businesses that distribute mobile data to the masses. Our pricing structure is also geared towards resellers, with discounts earned for all airtime distributed.

All you need to build

# import package import africastalking
#initialize SDK username = "YOUR_USERNAME"
# Initialize a service e.g. mobiledata mobiledata = africastalking.MobileData
# Use the service synchronously response = mobiledata.send(
productName="Mobile Data",
phoneNumber: "+2547XXXXXXXX",
quantity: 1,
unit: "50MB",
validity: "Day"

AT Developers

Start sending mobile data

We have provided extensive resources to help you quickly build, integrate and test your applications.

See sample code


Telco Validity Bundle Package WhatsApp Cost in KES
Safaricom Daily 7MB+7SMS NO 5.00
Safaricom Daily 15MB+15SMS NO 10.00
Safaricom Daily 50MB+50SMS YES 15.00
Safaricom Weekly 1GB YES 200.00
Safaricom Weekly 3GB YES 450.00
Safaricom Monthly 2GB YES 400.00
Safaricom Monthly 5GB YES 500.00
Telco Validity Bundle Package Cost in UGX Discount
Lyca Mobile Daily 250 MB 750 3%
Lyca Mobile Weekly 500 MB + 50 Mins 1,500 3%
Lyca Mobile Weekly 5 GB + 100 Mins + 20 SMS 8,000 3%
Lyca Mobile Monthly 10 GB + 100 Mins + 20 SMS 10,000 3%
Lyca Mobile Monthly 20 GB + 5000 Mins + 50 SMS (Super) 15,000 3%
Lyca Mobile Monthly 50 GB + 5000 Mins + 50 SMS (Mega) 30,000 3%
Lyca Mobile Monthly 100 GB + 5000 Mins + 100 SMS (Giga) 50,000 3%
Telco Validity Bundle Package Cost in UGX Discount
MTN Uganda Daily 70 MB 500 3%
MTN Uganda Daily 165 MB 1,000 3%
MTN Uganda Daily 500 MB 2,000 3%
MTN Uganda Daily 1.5 GB 5,000 3%
MTN Uganda Weekly 1.5 GB 10,000 3%
MTN Uganda Weekly 5 GB 20,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 1.5 GB 5,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 3.2 GB 10,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 7.5 GB 20,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 22 GB 50,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 48 GB 100,000 3%
MTN Uganda Monthly 170 GB 550,000 3%
Telco Validity Bundle Package Cost in NGN
Glo Mobile Bi-weekly 200 MB 50
Glo Mobile Bi-weekly 500 MB 125
Glo Mobile Monthly 500 MB 125
Glo Mobile Monthly 1 GB 250
Glo Mobile Monthly 2 GB 500
Glo Mobile Monthly 3 GB 750
Glo Mobile Monthly 5 GB 1250
Glo Mobile Monthly 10 GB 2500

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