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We provide a variety of communication and payments API products that are everything you need to build high impact mobile engagement solutions. Our platform allows to you work on building superior customer engagement experiences without the complexity that comes from working directly with mobile operators.

Transforming Customer Engagement through Voice

James Odede, a developer in Kenya built Voice Memo, a web application that allows you to build your own customer call center. Using Voice Memo, you can connect with customers using various channels including inbound, outbound Voice and SMS

Using our fully featured Voice API, James has been able to build a platform that supports many businesses who are looking to enhance their customer engagement experience.

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Other solutions using Africa’s Talking

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# import package import africastalking
#initialize SDK username = "YOUR_USERNAME"
# Initialize a service e.g. airtime airtime = africastalking.AIRTIME
# Use the service synchronously response = airtime.send([{
phoneNumber: "+2547XXXXXXXX",
amount: "KES 200"



AT Labs

Building an airtime vending application

This course introduces the Airtime API by showing you how to build a simple dashboard that will let you send airtime to certain numbers

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Developer Resources

We have curated a set of developer tools that will make it easier for you to learn how to work with our APIs. These resources will help you build faster and test your applications before you deploy them to your users.

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