Why showcase your app?

At Africa's Talking we want to help you create, grow and sustain your business using our solutions and in turn, support a viable, entrepreneurial ecosystem for Africa.

More reach, traffic and growth

Get your work exposed to anyone in the Africa’s Talking network, from other devs, businesses and enterprises.

New revenue streams

By expanding your reach, you’re likely to get new customers and grow your business.

Deeper Integration with AT APIs

We'll provide you with deeper access into our APIs to allow for more automated functions.

Boost your SEO Ranking

Africa’s Talking will provide a quality backlink to your site, highly boosting your SEO ranking.

Criteria to get listed on the Marketplace

We welcome any product or service that can help customers use AT technology more easily and quickly on our Marketplace.

Your product/service must also be able to fulfill the following criteria:

*Do you have a product that is built for the end-user? We'd still love to showcase your product! Share your customer success story here and we'll inform you when it's live.

How to showcase your app

Step 1

Click on "Apply to showcase your product" below and tell us a little about your app, and how it uses our APIs

Step 2

Our team will review your submission and may reach out in case they have any questions.

Step 3

If approved, your app will be listed and you can look forward to growing with us!